Autograph Collecting At V Festival This Weekend

wow, what a week this has been, I have put in so many miles this week travelling around to get autographs, i was up in birmingham on monday around the radio stations there, and then back down in london for the premier of the movie ‘salt’ which was a really great day, the weather was kind and so it was enjoyable to be there, it was a delight to meet the beautiful angelina jolie and even better to get a hold of a fantastic autograph from her, i also had the pleasure of meeting leona lewis who is a really nice person and a pleasure to talk too, she seems really gentle and meek and mild and pretty grounded which is nice considering the exposure and media hype that follows her around.  It was great to obtain her autograph and finally meet her in person.

so what next? well i am travelling over to chelmsford in a short while as this weekend its the V festival, and that means theres a ton of groups there, and although it will involve a lot of standing around and trying to get behind the scenes, i know a few people who work security and it shoudl be ok. the only thing thats worrying me more about this weekend and the nightmare to any autograph collector is the rain !!! its tipping it down right now and i dont need this….

so who is on at the v festival that i am after?

here is the lineup, and so theres gonna be some big autographs available here – Kings of Leon headline Saturday, and Kasabian will headline Sunday with Stereophonics, Faithless, The Prodigy, David Guetta, Doves, Calvin Harris, The Kooks, Paul Weller, Paolo Nutini, Florence And The Machine, Pet Shop Boys, Cheryl Cole (mmm not so sure about this), Madness, Editors, White Lies, Mika, Groove Armada, The Courteeners, The Charlatans, The Temper Trap, Amy Macdonald, Goldfrapp, Shed Seven, Newton Faulkner, La Roux, Skunk Anansie, Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, Paloma Faith, Plan B, Sugababes, and Pixie Lott.

i wont make it upto weston park, this will do for 1 week though.

happy autograph hunting!

chelmsford v festival 2010 collecting autographs from pop stars

v festival is a haven for collecting autographs

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time taken to collect an autograph you want

there are many times when you collect autographs as a hobby or interest, that you are looking for your favourite film/movie star or sports personality, or pop star and its proving incredibly difficult to obtain the autograph you need. This can be for many reasons such as if you are looking for a pop star or group, then if they happen to be on tour in another country, or are not recording in the studio for a new album or even that your favourite band are located in another country then their signatures can be very very difficult to get for your collection.

So, in obtaining an autograph like this, it can be very time consuming and research is your friend in this instance. The way to start is checking your stars website, so if for example we were looking for a coldplay autograph, then check their website to see what they are doing at the moment. are they on tour? no, great. do they live in the UK? yes, even better, are they recording a new album? yes – great stuff!

in this situation i would be tryin g to find their studio, and heading on down there, calling up the studio, and seeing when is the best time to try and get a coldplay autograph. so you can see this is where the value of an autograph can go very high when trying to reach a difficult star or sports star autograph.

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Atom Autographs guarantee about our autographs

At Atom Autographs we offer a large selection of framed and unframed original  autographs from many different sources, and constantly expand our range of signed photographs representing all areas of specialist collecting. The autographs presented on the atom autographs website represent only a small percentage of our total collection.  Collectors who are interested in a particular individual or an area of collecting should get in touch with us and we will endeavour to find the signature you are looking for of your favourite celebrity.    All of our autographs come with a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity COA.

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How Deceased Celebrities Affect Autograph Values

alex higgins snooker player autograph

alex higgins snooker player autograph


A topic that is often spoken about at autograph conventions and also played out on discussion forums dedicated to autograph collecting is that of when a celebrity becomes deceased / passes away, and how the value of their autograph heads, either north or south.

The reason i mention this is with the recent death of snooker player alex ‘ hurricane ‘  higgins here in ireland and the UK, the guy was a legend on the snooker table in the 1970′s and 1980′s and very well known across the nation, due to the fact that there were only 4 channels on TV and the snooker finals were always seen on BBC1.

I monitored the sale of alex higgins autographs following his death and it was no surprise to see the value of his autograph go up in value and a lot of interest in his autograph. this was replicated on websites, and also on ebay.

so why would an autograph of a deceased celebrity go so high? well quite simply immediately the supply line of fresh autographs stops, and only those in circulation already are available in the open market. now somethign which may drive the value down is the thought that if the celebrity is going to be remembered or if they are just going to fade away and no one ever mutter their name again.

your comments on how you perceive this would be interesting.

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Autograph Categories For Celebrities

to continue on our series of articles relating to autographs, i would like to discuss some of the most popular categories of autograph  that people tend to be intereste din and those that are the msot sought after from a collectors point of view.

Very popular autograph subjects are usually political figures such as Presidents or prime ministers and sometimes dictators, military figures which can range from those that are deceased such as napoleon or nelson through to modern day generals that lead armies in thetres such as afganistan and iraq.

 sports men and women are very popular autographs to collate especially after sporting events such as olympic games and world cups, super bowls and ice hockey finals. popular culture such as bands like coldplay, U2 and then short term popular figures like x factor and american idol winners make good autographs to bolster a collection.

to follow todays discussion, in the nest article i will talkign about autographs relating to movie stars, royalty, artists, social and religious leaders, scientists,astronauts and authors.

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Atom Autographs Has Arrived

welcome to atom autographs

welcome to atom autographs

Welcome to atom autographs, we are a business located in Oxfordshire UK, that is dedicated and devoted to providing customers with unique ORIGINAL autographs and memorabilia dedicated to famous stars from people in the movies from the USA, film stars from the UK, and sports stars worldwide. not only do we supply autographs from these categories but we also provide unusual autographs such as artists, politicians, folks from TV that you see every day on your screens, and also other forms of memorabilia.

We supply only authentic autographs sourced either in person or from reputable official sources that are certified. we do nto sell pre prints, reprints, autopens or anything suspicious. Our autographs all come with a certificate of authenticity which lists our details,  about the autograph and contact details.

This blog will list informative articles about autograph hunting, our experiences at premieres, events and famous people we come across in choosing items for our store. we welcome your telephone calls anytime to discuss our autographs and our helpful team will assist all they can in finding the right item for you.

we will also include our latest additions to our store which are very popular so we encourage early purchase for our harder to find stars that we obtain autographs from.

if you have a particular autograph you are looking for, we always welcome your emails to see if we can obtain the autograph you badly need!

thats it for this first blog, so stay tuned for all our updates.

Atom Autographs Sales Team.

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