autograph for conservative mp alan duncan

autograph for conservative mp alan duncan

 we are currently working towards a comprehensive collection of MP’s and political figures from the UK government, this has been very time consuming and whilst it has taken over a month on multiple visits down to london to the houses of parliament which combines both the house of lords and house of commons, we have found it very interesting and informative, and spoke with some really colourful characters from all political persuasions.

kicking off my blog posts about political figures, we spoke with conservative MP Alan Duncan a few weeks back, what a great guy he was, very polite and chatty and kind enough to give us an autograph for atom autographs. Alan duncan is the mp for rutland and melton, he plays a very important role in the UK government and is the minister for international development in the coalition government.

Alan Duncan MP is also known as being the first opnly gay conservative MP after coming out in 2002, he was a great guy, and we are delighted to add him to our autograph collection at atom autographs and will be featured in our political figures category.

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