alex higgins snooker player autograph

alex higgins snooker player autograph


A topic that is often spoken about at autograph conventions and also played out on discussion forums dedicated to autograph collecting is that of when a celebrity becomes deceased / passes away, and how the value of their autograph heads, either north or south.

The reason i mention this is with the recent death of snooker player alex ‘ hurricane ‘  higgins here in ireland and the UK, the guy was a legend on the snooker table in the 1970′s and 1980′s and very well known across the nation, due to the fact that there were only 4 channels on TV and the snooker finals were always seen on BBC1.

I monitored the sale of alex higgins autographs following his death and it was no surprise to see the value of his autograph go up in value and a lot of interest in his autograph. this was replicated on websites, and also on ebay.

so why would an autograph of a deceased celebrity go so high? well quite simply immediately the supply line of fresh autographs stops, and only those in circulation already are available in the open market. now somethign which may drive the value down is the thought that if the celebrity is going to be remembered or if they are just going to fade away and no one ever mutter their name again.

your comments on how you perceive this would be interesting.

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